About Me

I’m a constant reader and a lover of stories. I see stories everywhere and find the way that the world and culture and people are all made up of constantly interweaving and changing stories to be fascinating. This blog is an attempt to give me a place to explore these ruminations and share the stories (especially books) that I am reading with others.

My job involves working with children’s and teen books and authors, so I read a lot of books aimed at kids and teenagers. But I also read a lot of older books and nonfiction and really whatever appeals to me. I read all genres and styles at various times, some more than others or for a stretch, and am always excited when I find new and exciting books of any kind.

I am not going to try and restrict myself to any particular type or genre or even age bracket of book on this site. It’s going to be literally whatever I feel like writing about at any given time. That said, I will try to have a schedule for myself so that I post consistently and regularly.

Please feel free to ask me questions, add your thoughts, share interesting links, books or movies or games or anything else I should check out, etc. in the comment sections of the site! I’d love to hear about your adventures as well.

Enjoy my ramblings!