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I have a variety of types of posts and since every good adventurer does their research and, if possible, finds a map to use, I wanted to provide a quick guide to my blog and the types of posts I have. I’ll keep this updated as I add new categories!

What I Am Reading

This is exactly what it says – a post about a book that I am currently reading at the time of posting. I’m always reading several books at a time (often as many as ten or twelve). I read in pretty much all genres and formats, so these posts will be full of very random books. They most often discuss what the book is, what I think of it so far, and why I was interested in the book to begin with.

Generally, these are posted every Wednesday.

Final Thoughts

These are the posts where I talk about books after I finish them. They aren’t intended as proper reviews, but they will discuss what I liked or didn’t about the book and usually if I would recommend it. I try to avoid big spoilers most of the time, but I don’t promise to never give any. Sometimes it’s simply too difficult to really discuss a book without revealing some things. These really aren’t intended as plot summaries, though. They are my thoughts and feelings after finishing the book.

Generally, these are posted every Friday.

Alphabet Adventures

I find it really interesting what words and ideas people choose to illustrate letters and often even more so how they visually portray those ideas. Alphabet books are so often overlooked, but they are full of fascinating things. These posts are interesting finds from alphabet books, typically featuring one letter at a time.

Generally, these are posted every Saturday.

Fictional Fashion

Stories are filled with magical and important items of clothing, from Cinderella’s shoe to Scarlett O’Hara’s curtain dress. I love clothing and fashion and costumes, so I tend to notice (and often covet) those intriguing and iconic pieces of clothing. These posts highlight specific fashion items from books and discuss their importance and design evolution.

Great Characters

Sometimes a particular character stands out as special or significant for some reason. Maybe they make the story work, maybe they have special qualities worth noticing, or maybe they are just especially fun. These posts highlight characters that I find notable for various reasons and share what makes them special to me.

Imaginary Maps

This may be unsurprising for someone who considers adventuring through stories one of the greatest pleasures in her life, but I find maps fascinating. The map in a book tells you so much about the world it illustrates beyond how to navigate from the castle to the abbey. Maps are unique and intriguing pieces of art that can really enrich a storyworld. These posts highlight and celebrate those fascinating maps!

Research Rabbitholes

Sometimes when reading I come across something that I am unfamiliar with or that I suddenly realize I don’t know much about. I love learning new things, so I tend to look up whatever it is. Sometimes that leads me down a rabbithole of research where I learn all kinds of new and fascinating things that I didn’t even realize I didn’t know. These posts share some of these research findings so other people can learn them as well!


These are posts with lists of books and other things that I like. Generally, they are likely to be on a theme. I make no promises to ever stick within an age group or genre or anything unless that is the theme itself!


These are posts inspired by articles and other things that I find. They will always include a link to the piece that inspired them, but sometimes they are discussions or musings about things the piece inspired more than about the inspiration article itself.