• Final Thoughts: All Things Oz

    July 10, 2020 by

    “Everyone in the Emerald City is happy,” Baum tells us, “they can’t help it.” So be happy, have a safe journey, watch out for those winged monkeys, and for goodness’ sake, behave yourself. Linda Sunshine, All Things Oz (Editor’s Note) I recently finished reading a little square gift book called All Things Oz: The Wonder,… Read more

  • What I Am Reading: I Love Rogues

    July 8, 2020 by

    I am currently reading a collection of three romance novellas called I Love Rogues by Bertirce Small, Thea Devine, and Jane Bonander. I’m only about halfway through the first of the three novellas, but I am enjoying it so far. The three stories are all set in different times – the first is an Arabian… Read more

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