Alphabet Adventures: C is for Campanelle Clowns

I love unexpected uses of things, especially when it makes for fun illustrations. ABC Pasta: An Entertaining Alphabet by Juana Medina Rosas is full of images that were made by taking different kinds of pasta (and pasta related foods) and turning them into pictures. It’s also all circus themed, just in case the pasta theme wasn’t enough!

There are a lot of pages of this book that I liked, but one of my favorites was C, which is a trio of clowns wearing hats made of campanelle pasta. I always saw flowers or cornucopias in the shape of campanelle pasta, but I love how effectively they turn into clown hats!

campanelle clowns

I think it would be fun to go to a pasta-themed circus! I have no idea how Rosas came up with the idea, but I’m so glad that she did!

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