Final Thoughts: How to Make Friends with a Ghost

But I assure you, ghosts are sweet creatures who need friends too. And who better to befriend them than you?

This helpful guide will show you how to create a lifelong (and beyond) friendship!

How to Make Friends with a Ghost, Rebecca Green

For Halloween I wanted something fun and cute, so I pulled How to Make Friends with a Ghost by Rebecca Green off of my bookshelf. It’s a fairly recent book, but it was a fast favorite of mine when it came out. I love holiday books and this one, while not strictly a holiday-specific book, makes a perfect sweet Halloween story!

The book is a guide to finding and making friends with a ghost. They are apparently very friendly, but have some trouble communicating sometimes. It helpfully provides tips for finding one, a classification guide to identifying one, and tips for the care and keeping of ghostly friends. It even has a recipe for a favorite ghost treat – floating spaghetti and mudballs!

I love how this book mixes the creepy ghostly ideas (the ingredients in the recipe are a perfect Halloween witch’s concoction) with the cute story about making a friend. The illustrations are soft and sweet with a perfect sepia tone quality to them.

The little girl in the book is charming as well and I love her facial expressions and the ever-present bow in her hair. She’s got enough personality to be a nice counterpoint to the kindergarten-simple design of the ghost.

While this isn’t a book only for Halloween, it’s a perfect picture book for this holiday and it’s a fun story any time of the year. I definitely recommend this one!

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