Alphabet Adventures: D is for Dragons

Today’s Alphabet Adventure takes us not very far into the alphabet, but far into a dragon’s lair! This is a page from Owls Are Good at Keeping Secrets by Sara O’Leary and illustrated by Jacob Grant. The book is a alphabetical series of animals and quirky facts about each.

I think this page amused me so much because I love the idea of a dragon deep in a mountain cavern surrounded by piles of books and cozily reading a romance novel, dabbing away tears at the HEA* ending. It just makes me smile! That is totally the kind of dragon I would be if I were one. No piles of gold for me – it would be mountains of books that make me happy!


Dragons cry at happy endings.

I also love this page for the minimalist approach to the cave. I love the white boarder that becomes the mouth of the cavern. It’s so cute and simple but does a perfect job evoking the idea!

*Happily Ever After

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