Alphabet Adventures: J is for Pipes?

Sometimes it’s fun to explore something a little different, and Stephen T. Johnson’s Alphabet School definitely fits the bill! Instead of being an alphabet book of words that begin with each letter, it’s a visual alphabet where he presents an image of each letter in the environment of a school building.

In this case, he finds the letter J in some white piping that runs down most of a wall and then curves just a bit before disappearing behind some casing. It is something I would never really have noticed, but it’s a perfect letter J!

Steven T. Johnson also has a visual city alphabet and a book of numbers found around the city. He’s great at finding letters and numbers where most people would probably overlook them. Personally, I love that it encourages me to look around with new eyes. What pictures are hidden in the places I frequent? Is that an X in the legs of my coffee table? Are there As in the trees across the street? What about the hourglass on my endtable that forms a number 8? Look around and see what letters and numbers and other things you see today!

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