Alphabet Adventures: B is for Bunches of Things

There are so many words that start with any given letter, why pick just one! Open any dictionary and you’ll find a wealth of options for illustrating any letter you want (except for maybe X – X is hard). ABC Dream by Kim Krans is a fun book full of pages that illustrate each letter in a variety of ways.

The words are written out, so sometimes you might have to figure out what words the image is invoking, but I actually like that aspect of it. Is that a stick? Oh yeah, a branch! I also love how even the details are tied into the letter – the colors and patterns.

The words I see in this image include Bricks, Branch, Butterfly, Braid, Bow, Blue, Bare, Buds, and Blend. I’m sure there are more, though! And every page of this book is like this – fun and almost a dreamy mystery to float in and out of as much as you want. It’s a fun and unusual way to explore the alphabet!

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