What I Am Reading: The Treasure at Poldarrow Point

One of the books I am reading this week is The Treasure at Poldarrow Point by Clara Benson. It’s the third book in the Angela Marchmont Mystery Series. The series is a fun set of 1920s English murder mysteries with a clever, albeit often reluctant, amateur detective at the center of them.

Angela Marchmont is a middle-aged woman who has had something of an exciting past that we hear precious little about, but she is observant and discreet, which makes her the perfect unintentional detective in the vein of Jessica Fletcher from “Murder, She Wrote”.

The books have each been very different so far, which is keeping me interested in the series when otherwise it might have bored me very quickly. The first was from an unusual point of view (one of the suspects) and while the two since have been more or less focused on Angela’s point of view, they have each had a very different flavor.

This book has introduced a little girl who has run away from her family and appeared on Angela’s doorstep (she’s her goddaughter or something like that, so this is less random than it sounds). At first I found the little girl kind of annoying, but now that they’re visiting Poldarrow Point and learning about the smuggling history and the legend of the treasure, she’s won me over. I like her enthusiasm and curiosity and I’m interested to see how she interacts with the rest of the story!

We’ll see if this book keeps me engaged enough to continue with the series!

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