Alphabet Adventures: J is for Jelly Doughnut

It is the holiday season and arguably the best part of holiday festivities is the food! One of the traditional foods for celebrating Hannukah is Sufganiyot or jelly doughnuts. I always assumed that this was because of the fact that they are fried with oil and Hannukah is all about oil. This page from D is for Dreidel: A Hannukah Alphabet by Greg Paprocki made me realize that I really don’t know why that specifically of all the many fried foods is so traditional. So I looked it up!

I found this fantastic article about the history of jelly doughnuts (they are way older than I would have guessed!) and the reason for their place in Hannukah celebrations. I was really excited to learn that fried cheese curds are also a traditional Hannukah food! I didn’t know that! (I’m from Wisconsin – trust me, any excuse for cheese curds is cause for celebration.) The history of sufganiyot as the traditional Hannukah food is, perhaps unsurprisingly, heavily impacted by political and cultural elements.


is for jelly doughnut

I’m not actually a big fan of jelly doughnuts, but I do love learning new things and I’m so glad this awesome alphabet page inspired me to learn something new and fascinating!

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