Alphabet Adventures: A is for At Last

Sometimes it’s nice to find an alphabet book that tells a story or something instead of simply being a list of words in alphabetical order. Erin Dealey’s K is for Kindergarten, illustrated by Joseph Cowman, fits the bill nicely, while still remaining pretty age-appropriate for the expected alphabet book audience.

This is the opening spread of the book and it gets right into things. This is a book about being excited for Kindergarten and all the fun and challenges that go along with it. One of my favorite touches about this one is the countdown activities (for those not yet in Kindergarten, but eagerly awaiting it) and the challenges (for those in Kindergarten and ready for a little more) in the sidebars. Each letter gets its own activities and the book builds not only a story about going to school, but a fun set of projects kids can do.

A is for At Last! It’s happening!
Kindergarten’s almost here!
You’ve been waiting for this moment
Every day felt like a year!

– Erin Dealey, K is for Kindergarten

What a fun way to get excited about school and I love how it doesn’t feel the need to stick to expected words for the letters. No apples here! (And gotta love the poor cat wrapped up in the paper chain!)

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