Alphabet Adventures: D is for a Dozen Dahlias

Sometimes, location based alphabet books don’t really amuse me that much. It often feels like a weird stretch for some letters, while others are big and obvious things, and the whole thing tends to leave out landmarks that should be there because there are too many for one letter. That said, I actually really liked NYC ABCs by Mr. Boddington’s Studio. The art is beautiful and there are fun alliterations (and I’m a sucker for fun alliterations).

Probably my favorite page was D, which is (somewhat oddly) for the Flower District both because of the fun to say phrase “dozen dahlias” and for the pretty and fun art. The flower shop feels more like Paris to me than New York, but for all I know it’s based on an actual shop in New York City. It’s not a city I know well, so I trust that the artist here knows more than I do!

Dozen dahlias
in the Flower District

This page makes me wish for the flowers of spring as I look out at my snow-covered neighborhood!

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