What I Am Reading: Chicago’s 1893 World’s Fair

I am currently reading Chicago’s 1893 World’s Fair by Joseph M. Di Cola and David Stone. It’s one of the books in the “Images of America” series (those thin books you see in drug and grocery stores, usually about nearby locations), so there isn’t a lot of meat to it, but it’s filled with tons of images of the fair.

After reading Chicago by Day and Night, I found myself wanting more information about the fair itself and more images of what it looked like. So little of it remains and many of the images I find are basically just of crowds of people or are sort of from a distance. This book has fantastic images of specific buildings, attractions, and ephemera. I wish that it had more actual text, but the captions on each image do contain a fair amount of information and it’s definitely giving me a better picture of what the fair was like.

This book is interesting so far and exactly what it promised to be, but I definitely still want more about the fair and all of the things that came out of it, so while I am enjoying this a lot, I think I need to keep looking for more as well! If you have suggestions, let me know!

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