What I Am Reading: I Love Rogues

I am currently reading a collection of three romance novellas called I Love Rogues by Bertirce Small, Thea Devine, and Jane Bonander. I’m only about halfway through the first of the three novellas, but I am enjoying it so far.

The three stories are all set in different times – the first is an Arabian Nights kind of story about a fantastical Persian-like kingdom. It feels more like a setting pulled from the pages of a fairy tale than like an actual time and place, but it works well, especially if you are familiar with such fairy tales. It largely seems to be a clever girl fairy tale with some romance and sex wrapped in. I wish the villain (a scheming cousin who covets the position of sultan) was a little more fully realized, but he could certainly be much worse and since he doesn’t appear on-page that much anyway, it’s probably not too bad that he’s fairly one-dimensional. The same could be said for his consort.

I have noticed that while the title of the collection implies stories about rogues, the hero of this first book shows basically no roguish tenancies so far. But I’m not going to hold that against the book, since I didn’t pick it up especially looking for stories of rogues!

The other two novellas are supposed to be set in the Regency period and mid-Victorian period, so they promise to be very different from this one. Since I have not read anything by any of these authors before, I really don’t know what to expect. But I really like historical romances, so hopefully these will keep me entertained!

I’m not far into this collection yet, but I am enjoying it so far and looking forward to reading more!

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