Alphabet Adventures: H is for Hood

All too often I find myself coming across books really intended for adults that are masquerading as books for small children. I understand the impulse here – adults have to buy and read these books, so why not appeal directly to them? Sometimes things like alphabet books are barely comprehensible to the very young children being read them anyway, so what does it matter? But when you manage to walk that fine line of aiming for adult appeal without alienating toddlers, you have something potentially great on your hands.

I’m not sure if this book quite meets that bar or not, but it’s on the right track anyway. This page is from O is for Old School by James Tyler and illustrated by Ella Cohen. Filled with terms mostly associated with Hip Hop, this book manages to turn each one into something a little kid would recognize instead of trying to stick with the Hip Hop meaning of the word, leaving the amusement of the collection of terms themselves for the adults to appreciate without confusing the listening toddler.

And the art is really just adorable in it’s simplicity and colorfulness.


is for Hood

I love that out of context I could as easily see this page exactly as it is in a book focused on winter or articles of clothing or something!

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